Step 1

1. CFP forms a limited liability company to build and own the project—and to work with you in designing a new building or acquiring and refinancing an existing facility.

Step 2

2. The local municipality issues tax-exempt lease revenue bonds and lends the proceeds of the bonds to CFP to build or refinance the facility.

Step 3

3. The appropriate entity or group of entities (community, school, college, non-profit, etc.) leases and operates the project for the term of the bonds and owns the project after the bonds are repaid.

How We Do It

While no two projects are the same, in general, here's how CFP gets things done.

The three-phased approach detailed to the left is greatly simplified of course, and involves the collaborative efforts of several partners, but the process has been proven to work seamlessly in many communities for many different types of projects.

Having said that, the benefits of working with CFP go well beyond merely a streamlined process. For more information, contact us.